About Us

The Elements Society is operated by a talented board of volunteers and a dedicated team of staff and consultants on a mission to educate, inspire and empower individuals and communities to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and protect the environment.

We believe that environmental awareness and behavioural changes are the critical elements for generating momentum to face our sustainability challenges. We believe in an approach to sustainability that takes into account the strong links between the environment, economy and social well-being. We believe small actions can lead to big changes.

Our Story

1983 - The Destination Conservation program is founded!

2003 - The organization responsible for delivering Destination Conservation closes its doors after 20 years; however, a dedicated group of educators, facilitators and sustainability experts who had been involved with operating the program in British Columbia saw the importance of keeping the DC program alive and the Pacific Resource Conservation Society is born.

2004 - Similar organizations step up across Canada to continue to deliver variations of the original program: Saskatchewan Environmental Society, Dearness Environmental Society (Ontario) and EarthValues Institute (Quebec).

2005 - The success of the new Destination Conservation program in British Columbia allows us to expand our reach into Alberta!

2011 - The organization is renamed The Elements Society to align and reflect the strong commitment to our mission, vision and goals.

2013 - We develop a partnership with Green Calgary to continue to deliver the Destination Conservation program to Calgary schools.